Empty Property Security

United Arm Security Service regularly guard and protect empty properties, we have a range of empty property security services that we can offer you.

We have a number of security solutions to empty property security. All of these solutions can be deployed rapidly and the set up time for any of these property protection methods can be set up very fast, within hours.

  • Window Grills
  • Door Grills
  • Monitored CCTV
  • Monitored Alarm System
  • Security Guards
  • Security Guard and Dogs

Empty properties are often seen as an easy target from a range of individuals, but the squatter can be most disruptive. We have provided empty property security services to commercial and residential properties, in addition to working alongside bailiffs we can assist in the smooth removing of squatters and travellers and secure the property when they have left. The presence of our security guards or guard and dogs has proven to be extremely effective and a sound investment.

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