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Portland Security Services have been in business long enough to know that security is usually a necessity. Why would any company want to pay hundreds or thousands a pounds when they don't have to.

If you are the person that has the responsibility of finding a security guard service, you maybe surprised that the amount security guards quotes can vary, security guard quotations can vary as much as £20 per hour between the cheapest and the most expensive quote. Expect to pay above £11 depending on the security that you need, with the national minimum wage approaching £8 per hour, and compulsory pensions the minimal cost of supply manned security is in excees of £10.00 per hour, and that is excluding insurance, training, managment and other business costs - in order to attract high quality staff the rate of pay and benefits, must reflect and reward the best staff.

As for the service provided that can vary just as much. We don't claim to be the cheapest quote you can find, as we don't know how low every company would charge. As for the best service, we do guarantee that we will meet your requirements and exceed them where necessary.

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Why choose us?

High Quality Security Services - Why worry about the security of your property, office, or home when we can provide the most effective and efficient security services that perfectly meet all your needs? Our uniformed and professional SIA licensed staff ensure you enjoy unbridled peace of mind. With security signs that deter authorised access and high quality security equipment included as a standard, now you can finally get the security your properties deserve.

24/7 Constant Support - At Portland Security Services, we work tirelessly round the clock to ensure your continued safety and security of your home and office. Our support team is available 24/7 to provide the needed support for your business when required.

Our Accreditations

Our Managing Directors have insisted that all our guards are SIA licensed and that we are fully accredited in regards to security guarding, so we vet all staff to BS 7858, we like to think we provide a quality security services, with trained and experienced security guards backed up by a competitive management team, while we can match competitive security guard rates, we by no mean promise to provide the cheapest quotes in the UK. So we regularly measure our service by key indicators.

For a competitive security rates, with a reputable and established company, we can provide you with an instant quotation online or over the phone. If you are happy with the quotation we will carry out free no obligation site visit, to discuss your requirements in details, and produce a site booklet for your security guard, which contains all the sites protocols. We ensure that your security is fully aware of your expectations before they arrive on site. For more information on what makes us different or a security quote please call us on 0800 242 5113 or complete a form online with your requirement and we will send you your quotation via email.


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