Security Guard Dogs

Welcome: We are offer professional security guard dog(services) in London. This is largely due to one factors, we continously monitor the security services that your are looking for to ensure the security detail meets your requirement..

We have been succesfully supplying security guard dog services in London for over 10 years and pride ourselves o the professionalism of our dog unit, our staff are professional and highly motivated, we have a happy customer base, who year after year use our security services. To find out more about our services call us on 0800 756 9946

K9 Mobile Dog Units

We also provide ur k9 dog units for mobile patrol for construction security purposes, all our guard dog handlers are trained and well mananged. Guard dogs can be useful in some scenario, especially in large open area sites, or where the hihghest security is required.

Man and Dog

Bailiffs often request either a man with a dog as well as just a security guard, just incase they are evicting a tenant or tenants who they think may try to re enter the property, a guard with a dog is the ultimate deterrent. If you would like a security guard with a dog for your premises do contact us on 0800 756 9946.

London Security Guard Dogs

Security Guard Dogs in London

We don't just cover the London area, we cover most of surrey and most areas in the Midlands.

SIA Licensed Guard Dog

Security Guards

All of our security guards are licensed by the SIA, they are vetted to British Standards and are hand picked on their suitability to your assignment.

Guard dog Security Services


We also supply our security guards to offices, warehouses and building sites, our supervisors visit your premises to gain a detail of your full requirements before the service begins, so our guards are clear on their duties.

Security Guard Dogs::Professional Security Guard and Dog Services, we can supply dog units in marked or unmarked vehicles, with dog signs as standard. Office Security Staff::Polite, Professional our security staff will comfortable fit in your office environment. Construction Security::We have specialised security team that work with construction companies throughtout the UK, providing good value for money security services. Retail | Event Security::We can provide secuirty service within short notice and offer flexible working contracts, as your requirement changes.